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VIDEO: Sports KingDome Under Construction

A 350 square foot indoor sports facility that will change the way sports are played in the Hudson Valley


Hudson Valley is about to get another Wonder of the World. First it was the Walkway Over the Hudson and now the world’s largest indoor multi-sports dome in the world is hoping to be ready by December. The 350,000 ft.² multi-sports indoor facility called the KingDome is currently under construction in Hopewell Junction.

Designed to withstand hurricane force winds and heavy snow loads, it will house more than 8-acres under one roof, including four baseball fields and four multi-sport fields, or the equivalent of three full-size football fields.

“The sheer number of athletes and events that will be coming through here is very exciting to us, and the fact that we can bring a lot of business and create a, sort of, economic boom is what is most exciting to me”, said Director of Business Development & Marketing Michael Cochrane.

Dan Fraioli, is not only the owner of the company that is building the Sports KingDome, but also an investor. Fraioli, CEO of Air Structures American Technologies, Inc., which
has built domes for several professional sports teams and other users, said the project is the “first of its kind” and will be larger than any other dome his company has ever
built. “This is the largest multi-sports facility known to us and, in fact, may be the largest multi-sport dome in the world,” says Dan.

Putnam County resident Mike Van Riper is the on site General Manager of Sports Facilities Management and says that his team is looking outside the box when it comes to the use of the facility. “We’re obviously building with a concentration towards baseball and softball”, said Van Riper, “but we really want to make sure there’s a large diverse sports opportunity so field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, flag football will be in there; and then we’re looking at a lot of other adult recreation type sports such as ultimate frisbee.”

Plans for opening are targeted for December of this year, at best, or January of 2018, depending on weather and the production schedule. “Construction plans are moving along very well”, said Cochrane. Van Riper agreed. “We’re excited. We had a pretty wet spring but we’re back on track”, said Van Riper.

For more information and to follow the progress of the KingDome, click here.

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